The Product 

Compared to some of the other school administrative software's available in the market, VhakhouFunda has a wide range of features. We also provide our clients with a developer's license in case you are interested in modifying the code.

Prograsive Web App

VhakhouFunda is not only developed for teacher's, this software not only gives learners to ability to assess their performance, it also gives the parents the power to get involved in their children's educational life's inside of school.

This suit comes in a package, there are three items in this package which web base system is one of them. In this package, we also develop the school a website, this website will be advantageous to parents who's learners are studying at that school and also parents who are interested in enrolling their children at that school.

This web base platform
What if the school already has a website?
If the school already has a website, we will update the current website to have the functionality that's required to do the proper job.

Mobile App

This is the mobile application that parents will use to have a more advance access. This is an App they download in their smart phones

Activities the mobile App facilitate

VhakhouFunda Education Suit is a comprehensive school management and administrative software that is developed and designed by M.R.I.S.

VhakhouFunda Education Suit is highly beneficial to educational institutions. Using this software you can monitor the overall working of your whole institution and have control over its day to day activities.

In addition, parents can also use this software to keep track of their kid's performance at school on a daily bases.

VhakhouFunda is a name extracted from two South African languages Isizulu and Tshivenda. It means "They are learning".

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