Working at M-R.i.S, also means making a measurable difference in the world in terms of social responsibility. Our employees are encouraged to do that. It's not just a job; it's about purpose and creating meaning in the world.

And, with its commendable approach, there's no doubt that M-R.i.S is being recognized as a thought leader.

At M.R.I.S we're committed to equipping the youth with the skills required for this information based economy. Were concerned with the caliber of individual the new world of work need and what opportunities we create for them to meaningfully participate in the 21st century world in which they find themselves.

M.R.I.S is all about building, with our partners and sponsors, our goal to build a south Africa which will be recognized as one of the big ICT countries. The program started at Soweto, were we train, mentor and support the youth over there, with the help from our sponsors, our goal is now a reality.