An Early Source Code

"Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela."

Here at M.R.I.S we know about the vital part education plays. As a company, we're passionate about providing the tools and services to help learners, teachers, parents, school management and district.

The age at which education starts is another problem, since the sooner children begin tackling literacy and numeracy, the greater their chance of academic success compared with trying to fix literacy and numeracy deficiencies at a later age.

M.R.I.S have embarked on the #AN EARLY SOURCE CODE program, Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, and what is a great way to start than when your still young?"Mr. T.M Mlangeni – M.R.I.S CIO says.

We are living in a digital world; we all know where the future is heading. Learning to program a computer does not just end up helping you grow yourself academically only. Research states that 90% of people who studied programming think 6 times better than the person who didn't, when it comes to decision making.

The #AESC (An Early Source Code) project is here to develop the future of our country.

This after school project is a program that provides youth development. Both parents and teachers know that programming is a life skill.

At the end of the program, students will learn how to...

  • Use design thinking and logic to translate their ideas into working applications
  • Create games, animations and interactive applications
  • Develop & design websites
  • Apply MATH and SCIENCE concepts they learned in school while programming
  • Use computer science concepts such as loops, conditionals and variables

"Because of our program success, we're looking to expand it to other provinces, we're also holding teacher training workshops, and considering using it in other grades, and even suggests AESC to other schools in our district."
Mr. F Hanyahanya(CEO)


Working closely with the private sector and being truly dedicated to serving big corporates. We have a project that helps personals of big corporate with IT lessons. Here at M.R.I.S we know how important time is the world of business; we do a walk in approach to the office.

Our clients start doing their lessons when they are free. They call and request a tutor to come to the office to provide them with lessons. You can either request for a one-on-one tutor or a whole office tutor.
We have worked with a couple of corporates, just to name a few. We have worked closely with one law firm "L.P Molope Attorneys". We are proud to say that "we have link L.P Molope Attorneys".
We just engage with our clients on their own terms.