Web Based Services

  • We acknowledge the fact that web based services has become a way of life in the ever changing business and personal environment. Many businesses which don't offer web based services are actually losing out on a lot and their client based network is being narrowed with time.

    Our web services are here to help you in expanding you clientele and revenue from national and international market of more than 100 million potential clients.

    We will optimize your business services by offering fast, reliable, efficient and effective online services with the latest cutting edge software technology and by our highly skilled personnel.

    At M.R.I.S we Design and Develop customized Websites from Scratch, we upgrade and reconstruct old websites which are not-effective and we offer different Website Maintenance Plan.

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  • M.R.I.S offers the following services under the web design and development solutions;

       Standard Html website design and development

       E-Commerce Website design and development

       Social Media integration into websites

       Interactive Web & Graphic development

       Flash and HTML5 web development

       (CMS) Content Management Systems

       Website Maintenance Services

       Blog design and setup

       SEO Services

Mobile Website

  • Mobile Website

    Mobile websites are developed and intended to be viewed on tablets, smartphone and other small screens mobile devices. Their cheaper, faster and more compatible as compared to viewing sites which are intended for desktop on a mobile device.

    The number of people using mobile devices has drastically increased with time which therefore created a bigger market on the internet for business. If you thinking of starting, increasing your online business presence and dominance. M.R.I.S is the right company to work with.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile marketing is affordable, load faster and is direct to the intended market. In today's world many people own mobile devices, therefore using mobile marketing medium/platform through sms,mms,social media helps one to reach are broader market and increase visibility.

Monthly Payment

  • Website Package Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package Ultimate Package
     Once Off Set up fee R 250.00 R 250.00 R 350.00 R 400.00 R 500.00
     Total Monthly Fee x 6 Months
     Total Monthly Fee x 12 Months
     Total Monthly Fee x 24 Months
     Total Monthly Fee x 36 Months
    R 500 pm
    R 400 pm
    R 300 pm
    R 200 pm
    R 600 pm
    R 450 pm
    R 350 pm
    R 250 pm
    R 800 pm
    R 600 pm
    R 450 pm
    R 350 pm
    R 1,000 pm
    R 700 pm
    R 550 pm
    R 450 pm
    R 1,200 pm
    R 899 pm
    R 700 pm
    R 600 pm
     Email Accounts 25 75 200 500 2000
     Website Page(s) 3 5 5 to 10 10 to 15 15 to 30
     Remote Client email Assistance
     Banner (s)
     Month Maintainance 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
     Picture Uploads 1 to 3 3 to 10 10 to 20 Up to 40 Up to 100
     Video adding & Editing
     Word Editing
     Website Changes
     Content Writing & Editing
     Server Storage 750MB 2000MB 3000MB 4000MB 10000MB
     visitor Statistics
     Social Networks Set UP
     Social Networks Link
     Social Networks Maintainace
     Domain Registration
     Domain Migration
     SEO + Site submission
     SQL Databases 1 5 20 100
     PHP ( Contact me form )
     Scripts / Language HTML5, CSS3 HTML5, CSS3 & PHP HTML, PHP, CSS & JQuery & Ajax HTML, PHP, CSS, Java & JQuery & Ajax HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, JQuery & Flash & Ajax

Hosting Plan

  • Product View Micro Basic Standard Advanced Premium
    Monthly Fee R40.00 R70.00 R100.00 R130.00 R160.00
    Web Traffic Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
    Storage Space 300 MB 500 MB 750 MB 2 000 MB 3 000 MB
    Data Transfer Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
    Email Accounts 5 25 40 Unlimited* Unlimited*
    MySQL Databases None None 1 3 5
    Cpanel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Web Design

  • Stage 1 Accept Quote Stage 2 Design Stage 3 Development Stage 4 Test and Finalise Stage 5 Launch
    Sign on the acceptance of quote. We will design 2 Unique Samples to choose from. Client provide us with all contents needed for the website Test the finalized website for client. Payment Settlement.
    50% Deposit Payable at this point. After approval, we proceed and perform minor changes. Development takes place. Minor changes in the content can be applied. Website goes online.
    Brain storming designs. Sign off the Design Data Data Client can request receive monthly stats of the website performance.