Software Development

  • We realized that clients have different and unique needs from software applications in order to perform their specific tasks. M.R.I.S saw a void that needed to be filled by developing customized or bespoke software application.

    At M.R.I.S we develop windows and web based software application, which we programme using most of the latest Microsoft technologies in the market to meet our client's needs.

    M.R.I.S development team has required technical skills to develop a cutting edge and solid software solution. We use software architectural process which ensures that the right software technologies to build an application are deployed to fit the purpose. Some of the Software Development Technologies include;

       Database Software
       Java and more.
       Web Server

    Our preferred database software is Microsoft Server because of its proven stable system, which is very much reliable and because of its abilities to adapt exceptional to Web and Desktop Applications.

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M.R.I.S Software Development Process

  • Process

    At M.R.I.S we have tried and tested 6 steps which we follow in developing clients software, we use these steps to insure that every projected is completed on the agreed scheduled time frame and to avoid any delays.

  • Step 1: Consultation

    When you have an application in mind, the first thing you do is to contact M.R.I.S via email, telephone and other social network medium. Upon receiving your contact is when one of our IT consultants will then call you back to gather and arrange all information regarding the product you need.

  • Step 2: Proposal

    After gathering the necessary information for developing your Software, we then send you a detailed proposal with specifications and quotation. Our proposal we will include detailed fixed price quotation and implementation timeframe. M.R.I.S doesn't have any hidden cost and the prices are fully inclusive of all the requirements needed until the software is up and running at the client machines.

  • Step 3: Accepted Proposal

    Immediately when the client is happy with M.R.I.S proposal, an agreement contract is sent to the client. A Project Manager is then assigned to the project from start until finish and always update the client with everything.

  • Step 4: Development

    At M.R.I.S we always develop software in stages, to allow clients who want to be involved in how the software will look like and its functions. We can send prototypes for each stage, to avoid misunderstanding and to increase customer satisfactions. We will also provide a demo version to be evaluated by the client.

  • Step 5: Testing & Modification

    We will provide you with a complete functionally version of the software which would have been vigorously tested by our software engineers for glitches and bugs. This will ensure that the software meets all your requirements. All modification will be made at this stage.

  • Step 6: Handover of the Complete Software Solution

    After the software as gone through all the necessary beta-testing phases and other evaluation, M.R.I.S then handover the software to the clients and we will offer on-going support and maintenance. If you require our help in deployment of the software, we are here to assist.

  • We offer two job cut payment methods

    Pricing for software

    Fixed payment –The price for the project remain the same throughout its lifecycle.

    Hourly rated payment –The price is determined by the hours spent on the task or project.

Software maintenance Services

  • Many software applications needs regular maintenance plan to ensure that they deliver a 100% reliability and optimum performance at all time, In other instant we find that the company which developed the software closed shops or the relationship between the client and company ended.

    M.R.I.S is always ready to step in and manage the existing software application together with its infrastructure. We will also evaluate your current system and develop additional components to optimize the system.

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  • One of our services is converting ineffective database to more reliable and stable database system which will not fail when required.

    M.R.I.S is always ready to move your data from an unsecure and slow database to a more effective database that is always reliable.

Software Development Consultation

  • M.R.I.S offers free consultation to clients who are still undecided on which software systems to go for, and that will solve their problems and make their dreams come true.

    Contact us for quotation our affordable and professional services in all your programing needs and wants.

Windows to internet conversion

  • The use of internet over the years has increase drastically and has become more critical in the business day to day activities. M.R.I.S realized that many businesses want to take their windows or desktop based application to the internet or web which will allow them to interact with their clients all over the globe.

    M.R.I.S deploys various software technologies to migrate, rewrite and convert any windows based application to a web based system.

Old system Optimization

  • Old systems can slow down productivity and affect your business by failing to cope with the current technologies and developments. globe.

    M.R.I.S can always step in and upgrade the old system to a faster and reliable system which will increase productivity and returns.