EDI- Electronic Data Interchange

  • EDI is a mandatory requirement if you want to do business with certain customers. Data Interchange offers EDI solutions for large and small businesses alike.

  • We help businesses of all sizes integrate with their customers

    Our EDI solutions are used by small and medium businesses and large enterprises. We can help you trade with any size of customer, with any kind of technical requirement.

  • Core offering

    Whether you need to exchange forecasts, orders, invoices or any other business document, whether you want a standalone all-in-one EDI solution or a solution that integrates with your ERP system, we have an EDI solution that meets your needs.

  • Full support for the Order to Cash lifecycle

    With our EDI solutions, you can process a variety of business documents, including:

    Advance shipping notices (ASNs)
    Purchase orders
    Order forecasts

    Depending on your needs, our EDI solutions come preconfigured with support for your customers.

Business Integration

  • Many businesses depend on a very complex and heterogeneous mix of information. Solving a customer problem, managing a workflow, establishing a supply chain or designing a new product requires integrating many different sources of information from many different enterprise systems.

  • A more efficient way to secure data transfer

    Every business needs to transfer critical information in a secure and timely manner whether internally or externally with key customers, suppliers and other partners, often collaborating using shared processes.

    Managed File Transfer (MFT) addresses the challenges experienced by businesses looking to take a structured, maintainable approach to system to system file transfer and business systems integration.

  • Why choose Data Interchange MFT?

    Data Interchange's MFT delivers best in class enterprise level file transfer for your current and future needs, differentiating itself through its intelligent data transformation and routing that allow complex file transfer and process integration needs to be designed and managed with ease.

    Data Interchange is a leading provider in electronic data interchange (EDI) and eBusiness solutions for global organizations specializing in automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and local and national government with over 27 years experience.