Company Background

M.R.I.S is a 100% black owned private company, registered and operating in South Africa.

The company trade under the name of M.R.I.S and specialize in Software development, Website Design, and other related services.

M.R.I.S is a company which does not discriminate and try by all means to establish a balance on its employment policies, the company employs males, females and physically challenged personnel. Our mission is to have previously disadvantaged and discriminated personnel at the helm of top management after proper training and understanding of the business Culture and ethics.

We at M.R.I.S Pty-Ltd believe that with the growth currently being experienced by the economy and industry, the latter mostly driven by the increasing need for efficient operating systems in companies, we are certainly well-positioned to benefit from the rising demand that accompanies the growth. Again, as a company, we put more emphasis in conveying a message that simply says that our reputation as an ICT company serves as an important proxy guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our services.

Mission and Values

  • Mission

    Add value to our client's Business
    Only Employ the Best People for the Job
    Create a Working Environment that Encourages Excellence
    Manage Relationships in the Best possible way

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be a professional service provider with global dominance. This will be achieved through a combination of extending our range of services to include technology; outsourcing and consulting that will be delivered by a highly-qualified team of professionals, and partnerships with other companies in the industry and acquisitions of industry players in line with our overall strategy.

  • Aims & Objectives

    To compete in the Global market and Listed on the JSE.
    To empower and provide jobs to the unemployed personal and reduce unemployment rate.
    To meet with customer satisfaction in order to increase the likelihood of continuous business and wrap our project more rapidly.

  • Values

    Integrity in our Business Conduct
    Excellence in service delivery
    Strategic Partnerships that enhance our Stature

Why choose M.R.I.S

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    Some benefits of choosing M.R.I.S Pty-Ltd as your preferred business service provider from the other service providers in the industry, owing to our reputation as a reliable specialist in this field of work, to name just a few benefits of Solar Energy Technology, include:

    . Saving a lot on your capital expenditure, as we leverage our strategic partnerships and the good working relations we have with most of our suppliers to negotiate highly competitive prices on your behalf as a client.
    . A better customer service, as we enjoy working with different clients allowing our staff to easily adapt to a new environment, on whose behalf we strive provide a safe working environment condition for our workers and clients.
    . The relatively short project delivery schedule and the flexibility to work after-hours, therefore means daily operations won't be disrupted.

    Flexibility and Transaction Costs

    Risk reduction and Concentration on Core skills

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    By making a decision to select us as a reliable service provider that is better positioned to help your company improve the efficiencies of the technology that you deploy in your daily operations, you would have taken the first step in ensuring that your company acquires the necessary technical support.

    This in its turn will contribute towards your giving your company the competitive advantage over many of your competitors, as you would have chosen an ICT services provider who prides themselves in providing a quality service at every level of the service delivery chain.

    We at M.R.I.S Pty-Ltd continue to believe that our reputation as an ICT company serves as an important proxy guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our services.